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Give me wings and I will fly *-)

What's UP!


"Singapore Designers Give Back" Charity Event
(organised by PARCO and Textile and Fashion Federation, TAFF)
(25 to 27 March 2011, 10.30am to 9.30pm) on level 2 of Parco Marina Bay at Millenia Walk

All proceeds from the sales of items in this event will be fully donated to Red Cross in Singapore for Japan relief fund collection.
We thank you for your generous support in advance.

COZYCOT 100 Most Inspiring Real Women
Thank you CozyCot ( for awarding me as one of the 100 Most Inspiring Real Women. I am indeed humbled.
Thank you so much! *-) To know more, please click here.

Thank you Dawn Bey(a sweet lady with passion in fashion and an enterprising spirit) from Fever Avenue (
for giving us this opportunity to share on what we know. Thank you very much *-) Please click here to know more..

For more pictures, please click on the


Nth', an all-new Japanese-style magazine ... Japaneses fashion and beauty trends, interesting reads and intriguing creativity...
(quoted from cover)
Nth' will be making its first debut in May 2011. essential piece to create a few different looks! (quoted from Nth' )

Thank you Nth' team for featuring our fur accessory! Thank you very much *-)


Thank you CHIC team for always being so supportive of local labels to feature our denim vest and 'Heart' inspired blouse together with those from other designers and labels from PARCO on pages 8 and 21 in the issue of CHIC magazine (ISSUE 37, 04-17 Mar 2011).
Thank you very much *-)

Appreciation from the HEART
Heartfelt thanks bring about appreciation, gratitude and heartwarming thoughts. It is a love language that unites the hearts and minds. When one needs to express his or her appreciation to others, the symbol of a heart says it all. Outline and cut of a heart will be featured in this collection.

Thanksgiving! (the following is extracted from THKG page (Nov 2010))

Remembering people and things that we are thankful for, gives us:
Happiness that wraps us up
Energy to move on
Assurance that we are being accepted
Resilience to fight the battle

Hence, 'Appreciation from the HEART' collection is born! *-)

Gifts from the HEART

Hand knitted scarves with 'heart' motifs
Lanyards with 'heart' ornaments

We are thankful that our 'multi-way' wrap is worn by one of the beautiful ladies *-)

Our wraps are available in different colours *-)

A BIG THANK YOU to the Teams from PARCO and ELLE SINGAPORE Magazine for organising the ELLE Parco next NEXT Fashion Exchange party in mid-October 2010. Thank you very much! *-)
(The above event is featured on p232 of ELLE SINGAPORE magazine (Dec issue).)


Our Judo inspired top is featured in the first issue (Dec 2010) of Best Car magazine! *-)


(quoted from the cover of Best Car magazine)

"...Best Car is a niche magazine ... to showcase the best of Asia, be it cars, lifestyle, or culture, in the best light...
(quoted from publisher's note)
A Big Thank You to the Team from Best Car magazine for featuring our Judo inspired top and other designers' apparel and accessories from PARCO next NEXT in its first issue (Dec 2010)! (p100-104 on Best Runway).
Japan's No. 1 Car Magazine is now available in Singapore!
(This magazine can be purchased from Kinokuniya and major leading bookstores!)

A Sports inspired collection
A collection inspired by the 26 sports in the inaugural Youth Olympic Games 2010 (14 to 26 August) which will be held in Singapore!

(Please visit for more information on YOG 2010)

Each design is inspired by the characteristic or nature of the sport which is reflected in the form of shape or cut of the apparel, fabric, accessories, trimming, etc.

26 Sports, 26 Designs!
















Modern Pentathlon




Table Tennis








(one of the 26 sports in YOG)

A BIG THANK YOU to the CHIC team for featuring our weightlifting inspired vest as one of the Tres Chic items in the current issue of CHIC magazine (ISSUE 24, 06-19 AUG 2010).
Last but not least, we are so happy that it caught the eyes of the editor and
really thankful for her lovely comments. Thank you very much! *-)


Soccer, soccer, go, go GAL

We want to join in the World Cup 2010 fever and have some fun. The following coat is created and it can be worn in reverse way too.

Interestingly, this soccer inspired coat attracted the attention of more males than females at PARCO next NEXT *-)


Nation Pride outfit
(Inspired by the inaugural Youth Olympic Games which will be held in Singapore from 14 to 26 August 2010)

Spot 'YOg' from the front and '2010' from the back of our design!



A BIG THANK YOU to the teams from I-WEEKLY and zbNOW for featuring our Nation Pride outfit together
with other designers' from PARCO next NEXT on 5 and 6 August 2010 respectively. Thank you very much! *-)



Nation Pride Event (30 July to 15 Aug 2010)

Before.... After...

Come and visit us at Millenia Walk Grand Hall!
(30 Jul to 15 Aug)

"PARCO Marina Bay is proud to host an event to celebrate Singapore's 45th birthday named Nation Pride, it showcases a collection of unique statement pieces by PARCO next NEXT Fashion Designers, at Millenia Walk Great Hall from 30 July to 15 August.
Collaborating on this project is Yann Follain of WY-TO architects who contributes the art installation, "A Singapore Skyline". (quoted from Nation Pride brochure)

Vote for your favourite design and stand a chance to win $450!

A lot of time, hard work and effort have been put into this event by many organisations and people! A big THANK YOU to all of you!
Come and support us! Thank you very much!
Happy 45th Birthday, Singapore! *-)


'The Gift' collection

This is a collection serves as a fashion statement yet subtly reminds us to appreciate nature, our loved ones and ourselves. In giving thanks to others, the notion of presenting someone we appreciate with a gift is evident here, focusing on the ideas of gift-wrapping involving wraps, folds and layers that accentuate the sensual curves of the 21st century woman.

Just as a gift wrap embellishes and beautifies a gift, this collection enhances and brings out the beauty of women of sophistication with the same process and details using paper and fabric.

The concepts of Furoshiki, the famous Japanese wrap is evident in these creations using soft, luscious fabrics. Stylish, feminine and sensual, one who wears these creations will exude confidence in her own unique ways.



A Peek into The Gift collection


Different ways of wearing the taupe (greyish-brown) wrap dress
More ways were explored by Parco retail team, customers, designers, visitors, etc.
Interesting *-)

(The above wrap dress was featured on p75 of ELLE SINGAPORE magazine (May issue 2010))
(A BIG THANK YOU to Parco (Singapore) Pte Ltd, ELLE team and all people involved. Thank you very much*-))



Another unique, bold and interesting design brought to you by THKGThanksgiving *-)

A top, dress, skirt, ...

Your imagination and creativity change it into the different ways of wearing the same masterpiece.

Have fun exploring the different wraps! *-)

A BIG THANK YOU to the CHIC team for featuring one of our Furoshiki inspired silk dress (in deep purple shade) together with other designers from PARCO next NEXT in the issue of CHIC magazine (ISSUE 31, 19 Nov - 02 Dec 2010).
Thank you very much for always being so supportive of local labels! *-)



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